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Self Storage: Dealing with Negative Social Media


 Social media enables people to connect with each other with  immediacy and simplicity. It's a fantastic tool for self storage  operators to interact with existing customers. But there's a  dark side to social media. Fake accounts, wild diatribes and  other negative social media can do real damage to your  business. Don't worry. This is how you can deal with negative  social media when it pops up.

 Get Evidence The first step: Document it. Use a screen  capture to take a snapshot of the page. It's possible the user  will delete the offending reaction or edit it. It's best to have proof of the incident in case of an escalation in rhetoric or worse, legal issues.

Keep a Level Head Oftentimes, when people post negative or insulting comments, they're looking for a fight. Don't indulge them. Don't fire back with your own barbed words. If things get messy, your online reputation can take a hit.

Respond in an Appropriate Manner Stay calm. Remember there are plenty of other people watching. And friends and other sympathetic users won't rush to defend you if you're being a jerk. If something too malicious, damaging or libelous is said, consider avenues to file a complaint. Always take the high road.

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