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Senior Care Reviews: McKnight’s Uncovers the Power of the Online Review


On November 15th, G5’s VP of Marketing & Strategy, Amy Foster Trenz, discussed the power of senior care reviews with McKnight’s Long-Term Care News & Assisted Living.

Word of mouth has always been considered one of the best forms of advertising a business could ask for, but today online reviews have moved beyond just being a word of mouth equivalent. Online reviews are prevalent, accessible and permanent in ways that word of mouth could never be - and they are affecting senior living in a big way.

“The consumer voice is so loud, it has to be addressed,” explains Amy Foster Trenz, VP of Marketing & Strategy for G5. “Adult children are looking for and reading reviews.”

In fact, so many adult children are looking for reviews that online directory Caring.com receives over 2 million visits per month. According to Caring.com, senior living communities with both positive and negative reviews are five times more likely to earn a prospective family inquiry than those without. Caring.com also states that 94% of consumers find online reviews to be trustworthy and helpful to their search for senior care providers.

Every community, no matter how reputable, will at some point receive a less-than-stellar review. It’s important to know that an online reputation can and should be actively managed by responding to reviews. Without active engagement, awful reviews can be left to poison your brand. Here is one example:

“I can give you a laundry list of horrible reviews that are out there unaddressed by providers,” guarantees Foster Trenz. “One you can't forget. It is an unaddressed review that states, ‘If you're looking for a place to dump someone off and be forgotten, this is the place.'”

In addition to striving to create a positive customer experience on your website, social media and directory listings, McKnight’s and G5 recommend tackling your online reputation with three basic steps:

  • Monitor and respond to reviews.
  • Focus on the sites with the most traffic. Ask you residents and family members to share their experiences.
  • Circulate and utilize review feedback among your staff.

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