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Seniors Poised For Rapid Tablet Adoption


As seen in Senior Living Executive Magazine - What's Clicking: Senior Living's latest online search data by G5  


Although currently only 6% of iPad owners are 65 or older, digital research firm comScore claims that senior living providers should be ready for the number of seniors embracing tablets to increase. This specific age demographic is poised for rapid adoption of tablet computers based on a mix of attractive product attributes. In fact, seniors over the age of 55 are the fastest growing age segment to own tablets, jumping from 10% to 19% from Q3 2010 to Q2 2011 (1).  

Seniors are using the Internet in increasing numbers as tech-savvy boomers turn 65, with 45% of total U.S. seniors using the Internet in 2010 versus a forecasted 56% in 2015 (2). 31% of seniors access social networking sites in 2011, with an estimated 36% projected to use social networking sites by 2013 (3). Tablets provide easy access to both the Web and specific social networking platforms.  

Other tablet attributes of special interest to seniors include:  

  • Ease of use including intuitive touch-screen technology, mobile capability, and lightweight devices.
  • Ease of viewing with features like increased font size and screen brightness adjustability.
  • Interaction with family and friends via channels such as Skype, email and Facebook.
  • Varied entertainment options such as movies and books.

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