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SEO Mistakes for Property Owners to Avoid


SEO is a crucial focus for property managers using online marketing, but beware some common mistakes that can harm results.

The truth is, property owners aren't guaranteed much web traffic if they don't have an SEO strategy. So many leads are derived from online searches that it's nearly impossible to compete without a solid SEO plan. However, it's not enough to rely on keyword research and regular content updates - marketers have to know how to identify SEO mistakes before they cause any damage.

Irrelevant title tags. The title tag is one of first things to get noticed by search engines and customers alike. The title tag is found at the top of the browser and, more importantly, is used as the heading for search engine results. In order to get predominant ranking, title tags should include the most essential and relevant words. For property owners, title tags should include the name of the community, city or state abbreviation in the title.

Trying to get too cute. SEO is prone to fads and trends just like the technology industry as a whole. Some, like mobile searching and social media, are key to a successful SEO strategy. Others are fleeting fads that do nothing to improve search. Too often, people get wrapped up trying to write in prose to attract customers. There's a stark difference between "Top-quality apartments for rent, Chicago, IL, call us at..." and "When you live here, you'll be surrounded by fresh breeze off the lake and the friendliest people in Chicago."

Text in images. It seems like a great idea to have a sprawling banner with the name of the property and the management atop a picture-perfect exterior snapshot. But search engines cannot read text in pictures. Instead, stick to keeping keywords in titles and meta description tag text.

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