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Social Gains Real Estate in Google Analytics’ New Acquisitions Report


During the Google Analytics Summit earlier this month, Google announced several major updates to their platform. One change that has been getting major buzz is the new Acquisitions Report, which provides at-a-glance insight into the acquisition, behaviors and conversions of your visitors by channel. This report replaces what was formerly the Traffic Sources report. While the report’s streamlined architecture and enhanced focus on the flow from acquisition to behavior to conversion is impressive, one small detail really caught our eye: social was added among the list of channels.  


Previously traffic from social sites like Yelp, Facebook and Twitter were lumped underneath the bucket of Referring Traffic in the Traffic Sources report. With this update, Google has broken social out as its own channel, giving brands a broad, birds-eye-view of how social competes with other acquisition channels such as Paid, Organic, Direct and Referral Traffic.

Using this report, we can instantly see that while Social is supplying a small percentage of overall traffic to this site, the visitors who do arrive from social have a much lower bounce rate and a higher conversion rate compared to visitors from other channels. That’s valuable information for any marketer to have, especially anyone looking to measure the performance and value of their social media campaigns.   social-seo-visual2

The addition of social to the newly launched Acquisitions report augments the existing set of Social Reports Google launched in early 2012 and is another indicator from Google of social media’s growing importance to a customer’s digital experience. In an effort to leverage Google's "social shift" to maximize client performance, we recently launched G5 Social SEO™ which integrates social media with SEO technology to increase traffic, customers and revenue.

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Dan Hobin, sums it up this way:  “As search engine algorithms evolve and leverage social relationships as a trust factor in determining rank, it’s crucial to integrate social activities into your SEO strategy. Our new Social SEO software platform automates the integration of social signals with SEO tactics helping our clients get more traffic, more leads, more customers, and more revenue.”

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