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Social Media Marketing and College Students: #RipewithIrony


Marketing to college students? Don’t assume that Facebook or Twitter is the best way to reach them. A new report from Neilson reveals that while college students typically log on to Facebook, they are not too interested in social interactions on the site. For online marketers attempting to connect with college students, social media networks seemed ideal – after all, Facebook was started in a Harvard dormitory and was initially only available to the Ivy League. The study offers unexpected insights, noting that students expect the web to be user-friendly and helpful in a simplified way. Students use the web as a tool to get things done or for entertainment when they want to be entertained (not all the time). The study describes students as impatient users, scanning for information quickly and efficiently, and moving on. The Neilson report came out on the same day that Time magazine announced their Person of the Year, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. Read the complete article here.