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Social Search? Facebook Graph Delivers


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Facebook Graph: Social Search

What if search engines displayed results relevant to your social circles instead of results relevant to the whole Internet? That's what Facebook Graph promises to deliver. It's the social media giant's latest and greatest upgrade and it could make your property much easier to find—on Facebook, that is.

The new search tool promises to give users the option to adjust search parameters. Want to narrow your search to just fiends or friends of friends? Or to nearby locations? Graph can do it all. The new engine is an obvious improvement and will no doubt make it much easier for Facebook users to find local businesses. But for now, Graph is mostly meant to help you find people, photos, places and interests. Here's how it works:

Graph Business Search

You're looking for a nice restaurant. You could go to Google and search for nearby eateries, but you won't find restaurants your friends like—unless you're a member of Google+, that is. A Facebook Graph search  will return a list of restaurants based on your friends' likes, check-ins, posts, tags, etc.

Graph Content Search

With Graph, you'll be able to narrow your search for photos, posts, movies, music, and more to specific friends, groups or even times. For example: "Photos of June mountain bike trip with Jeff." In theory, Graph should be able to handle long, complex query strings.

Graph Connection Search

The same complex query strings will work when you're searching for people, too. For example, "Bend, OR Photoshop users," or "Multifamily marketers in Houston." This kind of search could be invaluable for professional and, of course, social networking.

Competing with Google?

Will Graph compete with Google? Short answer: No. Google is still—and will most likely continue to be—the search leader. They've indexed billions of web pages and have the most sophisticated search algoritms ever created. Facebook Graph will be limited to just Facebook.

So What?

Our advice: Keep doing what you've always done. Post Facebook updates regularly—photos, videos, specials, relevant blog posts. Build your Facebook following by asking residents/tenants for "likes."

Graph is in beta testing now and is available to select Facebook users. There's no word on when Graph will be available to all facebook users. Stay tuned.