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Social SEO - A New Year Must


Leverages social signals to optimize search  G5 predicts that one of the top trends for 2014 is the importance of "social signals." What better way to kick off the new year by being in the know on this new era of search, aptly named Social Search Engine Optimization (Social SEO).

To get started, here's an excerpt from G5's white paper designed to provide readers with an understanding of Social SEO and why it matters in the search landscape:

Needless to say, social media has evolved massively over the past decade. Today more than 70 percent of US online adults use social networking sites. And not surprisingly, the search engines want to capitalize on the social signals produced when users participate in social networks. The challenge for today’s marketers is to learn how to optimize for those signals and integrate them into an SEO program...Social SEO is the application of social signals to search engine results. Search engines use these signals to help them determine the quality or depth of an online relationship between individuals so that they can deliver better, more personalized search results. Based on their assessment of an online relationship, the search engines determine if a particular piece of content would be more relevant to an individual. If so, they give it a higher ranking in search results.

Social SEO is a trend that requires attention. Immediate attention. If your 2014 goals include increased customers and revenue, this white paper is a must read.

Click here to download now.

Happy reading - and Happy New Year!

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