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Spanish language Pay-Per-Click Advertising


¿Tiene una página web en español? (Do you have a Spanish language website?)

Savvy property managers know having a Spanish language version of their website is instrumental in reaching the more than 50 million Hispanics in the United States. However, if your company isn’t running Spanish language Pay-Per-Click advertising, you’re wasting an opportunity to dominate a source of new, high-quality traffic. Less competitive and less expensive than the general English language market, the Hispanic market has the potential to provide a bounty of new traffic and leads for your business.

Hispanics now account for 16% of the United States population and represent $1 trillion in purchasing power. Approximately 93% of Hispanics use Google as their primary search engine, making the advertising platform the smart choice for advertisers to devote budget to testing Spanish campaigns.

Currently, impression and traffic levels for Spanish PPC campaigns are lower than the general English language market. However, in markets with high percentages of Hispanic populations, English-only language campaigns will miss a major source of traffic. Spanish language campaigns allow advertisers to garner new online customers from an untapped market; improve overall account and campaign efficiency (cost-per-clicks are typically much lower than the general market); and be a pioneer in their verticals’ growing Spanish markets.

A Spanish language landing page is essential to a successful Spanish campaign. Spanish keywords and ads that point to English language web pages see higher bounce rates and lower conversion rates. Users expect a Spanish-language website when they click on a Spanish ad. Lastly, having a Spanish speaker available by phone for potential leads will ensure your newfound surplus of offline leads convert just as well as your online leads.