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The 5 Most Powerful Tools for Reaching Prospective Residents Online


By Amanda Patterson, Marketing Programs Manager  


With the explosion of online advertising, assessing and selecting the most cost-effective (and generally effective) opportunities can be a daunting task. Directories, paid search campaigns, banner ads, display ads, video ads and more all vie for your 2012 budget dollars. Then there are the “free” options – social media and Craigslist. But are they really free? How do you know which advertising options are most effective, which are the most cost-effective, and how to maximize your spend for the biggest effect?  

We can’t wait to explore this topic in a webinar co-hosted by Carly White from BakeExtraCookies.com called, The 5 Most Powerful Tools for Reaching Prospective Residents Online. Carly will share her insights with us on Craigslist Do’s and Don’ts, and leveraging that powerful medium to maximize results. G5’s Garrett Gladden will discuss best practices for online advertising, including writing paid search copy that drives more clicks, leveraging remarketing ads and more. They will both cover best practices for measuring online advertising performance to identify what works and where dollars should be allocated.  

This free live webinar will take place on Tuesday, January 24th at 11am PT/2pm ET. Register today to find out which five online advertising tools you simply can't ignore.