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The Digital Divide Narrows in Senior Living


Senior Living Executive’s July/August 2014 issue features G5's take on the growing use of digital among US Seniors. Check out the stats:

Spending more time online

59% of seniors in the US report they go online. Of those who do use the Internet, 71% go online every day or almost every day.

Taking advantage of the power of mobile devices

77% of older adults in the US have a mobile phone.

Tablets and e-readers are growing in popularity

27% of older adults have begun using tablets and e-readers on a regular basis, while only 18% own a smartphone.

Social networking is becoming the norm 46% of online seniors use social networking sites, whereas only 6% use Twitter.

This data shows that seniors have made significant changes in the depth and breadth of their relationship with digital media. This change is encouraging marketers to reconsider how their online presence can positively influence this segment in the research phase and beyond.

Read the July/August 2014 issue of Senior Living Executive here.

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