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The Future of Web 2.0 Marketing


  Here at G5, we're constantly trying out new marketing tools and trying to find new ways to reach audiences.

Of course, we blog quite regularly, both for our clients and for our contemporaries.

In a Web 2.0 world, reaching out to audiences in the relaxed environment of a blog is becoming increasingly important. However, driving traffic to that blog, and thus increasing your readership can still be extremely challenging.

And when it's a corporate blog, it can be even more difficult. Developing and maintaining an audience for such a blog is the real challenge.

But there are resources. In the Find and Convert blog earlier this week, there was a fantastic article on reaching out. It talked about how, though only 12% of the Fortune 500 are blogging, those who are have made it an important aspect of their marketing. And, it seems, with good reason.

Here's a sample: "Corporate blogging can’t be effective without first deciding that it is important to your business. Those businesses who think the benefits can’t be measured haven’t studied it enough. These are the same companies who will eventually be blind-sided by their competitor’s corporate blogging strategy."

Mentioned sites for increasing exposure include Junta42 - an interesting online round table for marketing and advertising ideas and Hubspot, who also clearly work very hard on their social media strategy. We think that Junta42 really has potential to be an important site, not just for the online, but also for off-line marketers as well.

This is something that's going to be important across every business eventually. At the end of the day, content, and content that people want, is king.