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The Heartbreak of Heartbleed


The following went out to all G5 clients last Friday. For all of our blog followers (clients and non-clients), we felt that this information is worthy of your eyes. The list provided by Mashable and password security (both below) are of particular interest.

Dear G5 Clients:

In the wake of the disclosure of a major security vulnerability known as Heartbleed, G5 has been working quickly to assess the impact on our users. Our findings are below:

  • G5 DXM® Platform (Websites, Client Center) - NOT vulnerable to the Heartbleed exploit
  • Third Party Services – Continuing to audit the services provided by our partners for any dangers posed by Heartbleed. If there is any instance where a service is vulnerable, we will remediate our interface with the utmost urgency.

What do you need to do?

  • Reach out to each of your software and service providers to learn if they were affected. You can also investigate this list provided by Mashable that has some well-known brands.
  • Reset your password for every online service affected by Heartbleed. WARNING: Only change your password after the afflicted business has fixed its servers to remove the Heartbleed vulnerability. Changing your passwords before a company's servers are updated will NOT protect your credentials from being leaked.

In closing, it’s always good practice to change your passwords on a regular basis. We encourage you to change your G5 Client Center password several times throughout a 12-month period.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your Client Performance Manager or open a ticket with G5 Support.

Best regards,

Team G5