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The Search for Social Success: AMEX's Interview with Dan Hobin


By Amanda Patterson, MarCom Manager  


American Express OPEN recently released the last in a series of guides on social media best practices for small business owners. They selected our CEO Dan Hobin as their Cardmember Profile/Case Study for the guide, and asked him what he considers the key to success in social media marketing.  

Dan’s response can be summed up in two words: be strategic. What are your objectives? Who is your audience? What are you trying to accomplish? Not all social media avenues are created equal. Identify your strategy, and then select the tool based on the conversation.  

Too many businesses rush into the social media space to “be there,” but have no strategy for driving traffic, gaining fans and followers, and building momentum for a measurable return. Social media is an opportunity to start a dialogue, engage in interesting conversations and exchange ideas with prospects, clients, potential recruits, business partners, and industry experts. It’s designed for word-of-mouth marketing, and can be a powerful tool when executed strategically.  

Set specific benchmarks. Identify measurable objectives. And proceed slowly, scaling your efforts as you go.  

Check out the entire interview in the American Express OPEN Social Media Insight Guide.