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The Value of Clear Landing Pages


The goal of online advertising is to capture online (forms) and offline (calls).  When a prospect clicks on your ad, they should be taken directly to the info they need.

Clear and easy-to-understand landing pages are essential to successful Pay-Per-Click (PPC) efforts. Targeted landing pages provide more relevant user experiences, resulting in better overall PPC metrics and return on advertising spend.

Put yourself in your prospects' shoes:

You’re walking your hefty bulldog, Rambo, in Seattle when you decide you’d like to rent an apartment in the area. You whip out your iPhone, search for “pet friendly apartments,” click one of the two ads that pop up and arrive at the homepage of a nearby apartment complex. After minutes of desperately clicking around the site to determine if Rambo fits the weight limit, he starts chasing a tasty squirrel. You’re pulled across the ground in your attempt to halt the hunt and you lose interest in the site.

Result: Zero conversion and two bloody knees.

Here's a much better scenario:

Again you’re walking Rambo in Seattle and decide to search for some new digs. You whip out the iPhone, search for “pet friendly apartments," click an ad matching your query, and are directed to a mobile-optimized page titled “Pet Friendly Apartments Seattle.” You quickly learn that Rambo is just under the weight limit. After quickly viewing more relevant pages on the easily accessible mobile site, you submit the online application. Rejoicing, you hoist Rambo into the air and quickly fall to the ground. He smothers you in oh-so-luscious dog kisses.

Result: One conversion and one very wet face.

A search query can be considered a question. Search results should reflect the answer to that question. Conversions occur most often when traffic is sent to relevant pages that fit the expectation of the searcher’s query. When consistent and relevant factors line up in PPC campaigns, Google awards higher-quality scores. That results in a lower cost per click rate, better ad rank, lower bounce rates and ultimately more conversions.

Ensure your website is optimized for better PPC conversion rates by focusing page content to a single theme with unique URLs. This enables PPC search analysts to maintain consistency with relevant landing pages, keywords, ad groups and campaigns. Multiple pages also provide the ability to enable Google Sitelinks which show additional unique website links below the text of your PPC ad. These ad extensions increase click-through rates by enhancing the search options as well as reserving more space on the search engine results page (SERP).

Receive a better return on marketing spend by considering unique landing pages in your site build. Save searchers’ bloody knees by answering their questions via relevant landing pages. You'll drive more traffic to your site and land more leases.