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The Work + Life = Happiness Equation


Herman Melville said, "It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation." Here at G5, we believe in originality in all aspects of the way we work, do business, and solve problems for our customers. But most important is our work-life balance, and how we find this balance at the core of our success.

To attract a highly diversified workforce of 200+ talented individuals takes some original thinking, and our Five to Thrive values are just the beginning. According to Eric Severson, former Co-Chief Human Resource Officer at The Gap organizations are now changing the debate from finding work-life balance to “work-life integration.” For a number of reasons, the way we work and the way we talk about work is changing. We’re replacing the old-school ideology with unique ways of working that create a supportive and integrative work environment. There are many ways to achieve this new paradigm, and G5 seeks to be a part of this new conversation.


In order for G5 to be a leader in the tech space, we’ve considered ways to enrich how we work and how we communicate with each other. And we aren’t afraid to share what we’ve discovered. So here’s the equation:

Self Expression

Self expression in our workplace means the expression of every employee’s individualism and unique ways of living and working. Combining these two principles instead of mandating outdated corporate dress codes, for example, provides not only a relaxed work atmosphere but opportunities for more fun. Our employees can be original, express themselves and their core values, and share their differences and similarities along the way.

Community Partnerships

We take giving seriously. Since our inception, G5 Gives has assisted more than 150 local organizations through monetary and non-monetary contributions. Priority is given to organizations that our employees have chosen to support with their personal donations of time and resources. Bend is a growing city, and with that growth comes a myriad of needs for children, families, education, and the environment. G5 continues to support the BendFilm Festival, and the creativity and artistry of that storytelling genre. We look for partnerships that can celebrate Bend and our unique community of nonprofits.

Work + Life = Happy Life

Through our in-house committees, like the Green Team and Fun Committee, we support many employee-led opportunities to grow our G5 family, learn from one another, and share in the happiness that comes from appreciating our team members—and who they are outside of the office. Summer Fridays is a program that encourages employees to complete their work week by 1 p.m. during summer months (from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day), so they can spend more time with their families and enjoy weekend activities in and around beautiful Central Oregon.

There’s a ‘Me’ in Team

Well, sort of. G5 is a proponent of teams that work toward the same goals. Collaborative teamwork promotes collaborative outcomes, and together we all succeed. Individuality is high on our list even though teamwork drives our success. Individuals DO make up every team, and each employee has a unique voice that we support.

G5 Is in Bend, Oregon!

This isn’t really fair—we know not every company can move to a town as great as Bend. But here there are many ways to plug into the community where you work to affect change on a local scale. Business leaders who identify with their communities have greater access to fellow thought leaders, resources, and potential future employees. And did we mention the mountains? The skiing, hiking, trail running, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding provide year-round activity.

As G5 continues to improve its culture with better work-life integration, we’re committed to working hard to be at the forefront of changes in the American workplace and stand as an example not only for our customers but also our employees, our business model, and our Bend community.

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