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Thinking Mobile for Senior Living


“Mobile is the future.” - Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google.  

Mary Meeker surprised attendees at the 2011 ThinkMobile Conference when she announced that, for the first time, smartphones outsold PCs in Q4. By 2013, mobile phones will be the most common device used for accessing the Internet, worldwide. 2011 is the Year of Mobile, and just about everyone is echoing that the mobile will be huge -- perhaps bigger than anyone can  imagine, and possibly sooner than anyone can  predict.  

Riding this same wave: Local search on mobile devices. According to Google, local search on mobile devices already indexes at approximately two to three times higher than desktops.  

Comprising a whopping 23% of the US population, Seniors and Boomers exhibit slow technology adoption rates; they must see the benefits before they sign on.  But as we’ve seen with Social Media, although this age group may start slow they could eventually post adoption rates greater than younger demographics. Additionally, products designed especially for this age group, such as mHealth solutions, will only aid in the building mobile momentum.  

Here are just a few stats to consider:  

US Mobile Stats - Seniors

61% own a mobile phone

4.5% own a smartphone

11% have wireless Internet access away from home

9% user mobile phone to text  

US Mobile Stats - Boomers

85% own a mobile phone

7.5% own a smartphone

35% have wireless Internet access away from home

51% use mobile phone to text  

What does this mean for Senior Living communities?  

It's time to think mobile.