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Three Signs Your Site Needs a Redesign


Really bad graphic of a cursor clicking in the address bar of a browser.

How do you know when your property website needs a makeover? 

Your website can make or break your business. Clutter it with bad design and cram it with unclear content and prospects will flee for cleaner sites. So how can you tell if your site needs a redesign?

1. It takes a long, long time to load. You may think that having beautiful, high-definition graphics and page design benefit your property, but the opposite may actually be true. In fact, slow load times not only irritate users, but can be picked up by Google crawlers, too. Take time to find out why the website is running slowly—it could be from design elements or problems in the site's coding—and try to speed things up as quickly as possible.

2. Web crawlers are given no limits. Search engines don't have to crawl every page on your site. You can exclude some pages or sections. This is especially helpful if you have beta sections of the website that contain duplicate content that could penalize your site in search engine results.

If you're web savvy, you may choose to update the robots.txt file or create page redirects. If not, it may be time to consider working with a search engine marketing company to assist with this strategy.

3. Visitors don't make it past the homepage. If you don't currently have analytics tracking programs or software connected to your website, you'll want to utilize some as soon as possible. This information will tell you how many people are venturing past the homepage, indicating the success of your navigation system and the first impression people have of your site.

If people are clicking away before exploring your property's website more thoroughly, you may want to better your marketing campaign by integrating operational and visual redesigns. When in doubt, streamline information and visuals, and provide a clear call to action that visitors will pay attention to and act on.

Your SEO efforts rely on an effective website. Instead of wasting resources on a web presence that doesn't attract the best potential residents, consider current digital marketing trends and find the Internet marketing solution that furthers your property's brand and goals.

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