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Tips to Promote Self-storage Auctions


Full storage unit.

How to successfully market a self storage unit auction.

The allure of mysterious riches is irresistible. Auction off the contents of a storage unit and you'll get dozens of treasure hunters knocking at your door. Here are a few tips to lure auction-goers.

1. Make a plan of attack

Before you start to promote a storage unit auction, it's necessary to create a marketing plan and follow it closely. Not only will this ensure you're more organized, but it will also help inform and control the hordes of hopeful customers who seek successes similar to those they've seen on "Storage Wars."

A strong marketing plan includes determining a budget for posters and direct marketing materials and a resource budget for time and energy required to create a social media campaign. Consider the type of people you hope to attract with the auction marketing, then try to determine the best outlet for them to receive the message.

2. Create a Facebook event

Facebook is great for many things, but it is well-known for its comprehensive events system. By creating a unique event — complete with the address, date, time and additional information, such as etiquette and rules for first-timers — people can be informed about what to expect and get event reminders as the date nears. There is also a chance that people you invite will then invite their friends, and so on.

3. Remind people with Twitter and Facebook updates

Facebook isn't just good for its events function. It's also great for status updates on a business' fan page. Inform and remind fans and followers that an auction event is coming up, then entice them with success stories, auction tips, photos from previous auctions and guidelines. It's likely that some people will have questions and post them on your business' Facebook page, so be prepared to reply to inquiries as they come in.

Similar updates may be posted on Twitter and its complementary programs, such as Instagram. Keep updates mobile-friendly for on-the-go people who may be interested in learning more about the upcoming auction.

4. Don't forget about SEO

Thanks to self storage unit auctions in the media, more people are searching for auctions near them. Keep SEO tips and tricks in mind, such as including a ZIP code or city in auction information. It may also be helpful for self storage facility owners to create a section of their website dedicated to auction information and upcoming events or write some related blog posts on the topic.

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