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Using QR Codes to Engage Prospects


iPhone with QR code on screen.

How using QR codes can get your property's website the attention it deserves.

 Even if you're not sure what their benefit is, it's likely you've seen the small black and white barcode-type images on certain products and marketing materials. They're called quick response (QR) codes and they can be scanned with smartphone apps. Almost everyone has been using them as part of their Internet marketing solution to increase traffic to websites and gain social network followers.

So how can your property benefit from using QR codes? How much of an investment is necessary? Could they actually increase the number prospects interested in your property?

The answers may be more simple than you think, and recent numbers show that people actually do use QR codes. What are you waiting for? Here are some hot tips to amp up your marketing campaigns to attract tech-savvy prospects:

1. Use QR codes to stay competitive: Recent reports show that QR codes may be an online search marketing fad, but at least they are an inexpensive one. You can create a QR code free online, then include it on your newspaper listings, flyers, business cards and other promotional materials you plan to distribute to potential renters. If you don't include them in an easy-to-find, scannable location for smartphone users to utilize, your competitors likely are.

2. Attract smartphone searchers: A recent study by Yellow Pages and Street Fight reported that more than 90 percent of smartphone users access maps and conduct local searches using their devices, which can be really positive news for your property marketing campaign. More than 70 percent of smartphone users enable location-finding apps, which makes local search easier than ever before.

To ensure your property campaign is targeting on-the-go smartphone users looking for rental property in a certain area, offer QR codes that take scanners to your property's map location, website or virtual tour. Don't forget to give them options to connect the the property once they are sent to the page, or your efforts may be for naught.

3. Don't think you have to use QR codes everywhere, all the time: QR codes are an excellent addition if your prospects will make use of them, but if you've never used them before, you may not want to rely on them as a main element in your next marketing campaign. Just like any new feature, you will need to gauge how prospects react and if QR codes attract enough people to justify using them again, perhaps on a larger scale.

4. Consider QR codes as a tracking tool: There are many benefits of using analytics programs in charting your successes and determining where your promotional resources should be allocated, but did you know QR codes can be key to getting that information? It's possible that you are aware of how well your current marketing campaign is working for you, but have you taken the time to understand how many users engage with your property via smartphone, tablet and PC? QR codes can take the guesswork out of your marketing planning and scheduling, giving you even more insight into who is interested in your property and how they find out about it.

One final note about QR codes

Before implementing a smartphone-friendly QR code campaign or other digital marketing trends, make sure you do the proper planning and preparation. If you're sending prospects to a webpage, make sure the site is mobile-friendly, attractive and displays a clear call to action. Make further contact as easy as possible for interested prospects.

Do you use QR codes in your current marketing campaign? How would it change your current strategies if you did?

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