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What Matters Most Online: Local


So says Greg Sterling in a post today on his blog, Screenwerk.

And of course, we agree with him. We've been saying for quite some time that people use the Internet for their research but then, more often than not, go to an off-line location (i.e. into a local store) to make that final purchase. We can even show that happening through our media dashboard. The way people are interacting with not just the Internet but their local world is shifting. And it's shifting online.

But what is really interesting is that Sterling uses almost the exact same language as we do to describe this phenomenon. Here's a sample: "I’ve have tried to argue for several years that “local” is the most important thing happening online — because it’s all about driving buyers to the point of sale offline. But one of the big, historical challenges in validating that argument and propsition has been tracking the influence of online to the point of sale."

And then, of course, for a point of comparison - what we say: "As consumers shift from more traditional types of media consumption to the online world, there are significant opportunities to measure and improve the efficiency of local marketing and advertising. The G5 Local Marketing Platform was developed to help manage the shift from traditional to online advertising, measure what works, and optimize to the sources that provide the best return on marketing."

Now obviously this isn't the exact same wording, nor the exact same thrust lies behind it.

Nonetheless, it's extremely satisfying for us to see one of the preeminent voices in our space agreeing with us and our view of the Internet and how it relates to local businesses.