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Who's Next In Local Internet Advertising?


And also, what?

In the Kelsey Group Local Blog, Michael Boland argues that while information aggregators like Google and Internet Yellow Pages (IYPs) will get a fair share of the advertising revenue as the oft-mentioned shift to online occurs and the money moves more online.

But what he also points to is companies like Topix. These are information aggregators of a different sort. They focus on local news content and putting it altogether in one place. And they are getting a lot of unique visitors to their site to prove it.

The argument that the audience will determine where the advertisers go is a pretty valid one. Of course, he is also wise enough to mention that there are other players in the mix, primarily video.

So who will the eventual winners be? We're simply not quite there yet, but we remain fairly confident that Google isn't going anywhere.

And of course there will be a marketplace for online video, especially as the cost drops.

The question is, will a company like Topix be able to compete on a long term basis with Google News, or will Google News find a way to more specifically push content that's locally relevant to users thus rendering the competition of a company like Topix moot.

Only time will tell. But no matter what happens, we'll be there, keeping an eye on who the winners are going to be, testing to see what works and making sure that our clients are on the cutting edge in their efforts.