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Why Measuring Advertising At The Local Level Matters


By Devin Davis

G5 Search Marketing, Director of Marketing

At G5 Search Marketing, we've made it a point to figure out exactly what advertising is working and what isn't for the local business.

This matters not only for major corporations, but, probably in all honesty, moreso for those companies who are regional or multi-location in nature. While they may have some capital to throw toward advertising, there is still a finite amount that they can use.

This is where we come in. We recently announced our Print Yellow Pages Analytics Tool.

Why does this matter? Simple, really. With this tool, we're able to measure exactly what kind of ROI our clients are receiving from their spend in the Yellow Pages.

Now, we have seen that, from time to time, primarily in smaller markets, there is a significant value to spending some marketing dollars in the Yellow Pages.

But this isn't always the case. For one of our clients, who is regional with locations across four states, but primarily located in the southwest, we've seen that, in major metropolitan areas (for example Los Angeles and Phoenix) it is foolhardy to continue advertising in the Print YPs.

Not only are there far too many of them to make it financially viable to have a significant foothold, but we've also seen that, frankly speaking, the leads that come from those ads are few, far between and of incredibly low quality.

However, by enabling our clients to see what is working and what isn't across both new and traditional media (this extends beyond just Yellow Pages and online and to virtually other forms of advertising mediums) we have seen our clients improve their marketing efforts while, in many cases, actually lowering their costs.

In essence, this is another piece of the puzzle that makes local marketing more effective at a more reasonable cost.