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Why Pay-per-click Call Tracking is Critical


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a great way to drive traffic and leads to your site. Whenever a lead comes in from a PPC ad, the info is tracked in your site. But PPC call tracking is often left on the back burner—and that can make your PPC campaign's effectiveness go up in flames. Without PPC call tracking, calls driven by PPC campaigns aren’t properly attributed and inadvertently increase PPC cost per lead:

Dynamic phone numbers are a great way to track calls through your website.  A simple piece of code dynamically generates a phone number for tracking PPC campaigns. The reporting is similar to other call-tracking services, but it’s attributed to PPC efforts. When PPC calls are aggregated with PPC online conversions, a more accurate cost-per-lead metric can be calculated:

This gives PPC analysts the ability to track and segment PPC calls by campaign, search engine and even keywords. With detailed information, they can then decide which search engine, campaign or keyword produces the best results. This helps with bid management and determining appropriate PPC budgets.

Enhance your pay-per-click advertising by implementing PPC call tracking numbers from the start. Without PPC call tracking, PPC cost per lead data can be overinflated. By analyzing both online and offline conversions, PPC performance can be better analyzed and advertising returns maximized.