At G5, we create full-funnel digital advertising strategies that allow you to reach potential customers and residents at all stages of their 20+ point decision-making journey. From paid search and display ads to remarketing and paid social, we work with you to ensure your SEM strategy is aligned with your business needs. Pay less for CPC and earn more qualified leads with the help of G5 Digital Advertising.

G5 Drives Over Double the Conversion Rate of Industry Average

Targeting Strategy

To be truly effective, it’s important to be visible in the moments that matter most and to be seen by your customers at all points in their online journey — not just a static point in time. At G5, our expert targeting strategies are designed to target your local audience using the following criteria:

  • Geographic Location
  • Home Ownership Status
  • Recent Life Events
  • Age / Gender
  • Interests on Facebook
  • Behaviors Outside of Facebook​

“Let’s say we don’t have any studios or one-bedrooms available at a particular property, but we have two bedrooms available. We can focus that PPC campaign on not only the messaging, but also the keyword targeting to lease out those two-bedrooms.” — Brandon Hornibrook, Internet Marketing Director, Berkshire Communities

Learn how Berkshire Properties reduced PPC costs by nearly half while increasing lease-up profits by $500,000.


“The results we’re seeing with G5 are amazing. In just six months’ time, our website traffic increased nearly 100 percent and our leads tripled.” — Crystal Tolen, Regional Vice President, Case & Associates, Inc.

Our Big Data

We’ve collected billions of industry-specific data points revealing how prospects research information online, and our team ensures that these trends are incorporated into the keyword structure, campaign targeting, audience groups, and ad text of each of your campaigns. We also implement our proprietary list of over 1,000 negative keywords and placements, working to eliminate irrelevant traffic from campaigns at launch.

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Google Partnership

It’s no secret that Google is the most dominant brand in search. With a Premier Google Partnership, G5 is able to offer you access to a number of advantages you might not have otherwise. This list includes:

  • G5 Digital AdvertisingEarly Access to Beta Tests
  • G5 Digital AdvertisingOngoing Training & Materials
  • G5 Digital AdvertisingAccess to Strategic Partner Managers
  • G5 Digital AdvertisingAccount Health Checks

With over 100 Google Adwords and Analytics Certifications specializing in search, video, mobile, and display advertising, our team of experts hold more than 5x our biggest competitors… COMBINED. Check out our latest blog post on G5’s participation in Google’s Beacon pilot program.

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Own your prospect data and drive leads to your site for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods. Digital advertising showcases your brand, targeting only the ideal tenants. We then use remarketing to deliver targeted display ads across the Google Display Network to prospects who previously visited your website but did not convert. These ads are only shown to users who have a demonstrated interest in your business, increasing their potential to drive more qualified leads.

“G5 went above and beyond to make the latest approaches and technologies available to us to help drive online referrals to our properties.” — Robin Craig, Corporate Director of Marketing, MBK Senior Living

Learn how MBK achieved a 42% year-over-year increase in move ins from website leads.


“When leads visited and toured our community, they were already highly qualified, and we were able to close on a third of those visits” — Jennifer Trapaso, Regional Manager, Berkshire Communities


Optimization is key to a successful digital marketing campaign. This includes ongoing keyword updates and continuous monitoring. Our team of experts will work with you to refine your strategy and provide recommendations on adjusting/optimizing your spend while staying within your budget. Our proven system allows you to quickly see what’s working so you can respond to the ever-changing consumer driven landscape.

  • Analysis
  • Campaign Strategies
  • Daily Budgets
  • Keyword Bids
  • Ad Positioning
  • Device Performance
  • Keyword Performance
  • Location Exclusions
  • Audience Targeting A/B Testing
  • Headlines
  • Descriptions
  • Images
  • CTAs

Marketing Mix

G5 is the industry leader in paid search, remarketing, display, and paid social. Our team of digital advertising experts monitors the progress of your campaigns using G5’s state-of-the-art digital advertising dashboard. We ramp up or down your advertising spend to align with your exposure you always have the right marketing mix.

“Our relationship with G5 has been great: We depend on their expertise to create effective strategies for each of our properties. In an ever-changing digital world, they have made us a player with their ability to keep up and change.” — Lance Baker, Regional Manager, Storage Court

Learn how Storage Court stayed relevant in an ever changing digital marketplace and kept up with the REITS by increasing traffic, leads and revenue by 42% and 119% for two previously underperforming facilities.


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