Employee Recruitment and Retention in Senior Assisted Living: Community Matters

As baby boomers start to retire, the senior assisted living communities face a potential problem: plenty of clients, but not enough staff. However, the recent surge in millennials entering nursing programs and the industry has changed the conversation from, “are there enough people to staff our communities?” to “how do we get the BEST staff to be a part of our community?”

A priority for all senior assisted living communities should be hiring engaging and qualified staff that enhances the onsite experience for your residents. But how do you reach beyond the normal recruiting funnels? The answer is digital advertising.

A good portion of millennials can barely remember a day without a smartphone and Google, so as you build your brand online, catering to millennial online behaviors should be at the forefront of your strategy. Your digital presence on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even SnapChat, matters. The digital community you build around your brand helps to legitimize your company and create incentives for prospective employees.

But What is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising is a combination of strategies and tools that help you reach potential customers and residents at all stages of their 20+ point decision-making journey and, in this case, potential employees. For G5, digital advertising is everything from paid search and display ads to remarketing and paid social, we work with you to ensure your search engine marketing (SEM) strategy is aligned with your business needs.

Facebook, for instance, remains an underutilized recruitment function for senior assisted living communities. According to the Jobvite Recruiter Nation Report, 67 percent of job seekers use Facebook in their job search. Effective digital advertising utilizes big data to help target the right people. For example, a nursing student is active on Facebook and they post about their practicum or a lesson on skilled-care facilities. Or, they’ve included their degree and university in their profile data. That data is then used to help you target that individual since they meet the criteria for a great potential employee.

As these millennials continue to actively search for jobs in the nursing industry, a sound digital advertising strategy can ensure that your brand is seen and noticed.

But Why Else Does Digital Advertising Matter?

In addition to employee recruitment and retention, prioritizing your digital presence and investing in digital advertising also impacts revenue and asset value. As you know, digital advertising takes up 100% of the mobile search screen. If you aren’t investing in digital advertising, you’re missing out. Plain and simple.

Do you know how to implement a winning digital advertising strategy? G5 is a Premier Google Partner and Facebook Managed Partner because our campaigns outperform the other guy. We want to help get your communities the attention, and the employees, that it deserves. Learn more today at http://www.getg5.com/digital-advertising.