Last week, Facebook announced its’ latest enhancement to business Page designs: redesigned native video channels. Facebook has been making efforts to increase market share of online video consumption; a market currently dominated by Google-owned giant YouTube. So it won’t be surprising that Facebook’s new business Page design allows video to look and feel a lot like YouTube channels.


Driving More Engagement with Facebook Native Videos

While YouTube still dominates in terms of traffic and videos uploaded, thanks to Facebook’s video optimization algorithms, many content creators are learning that they can drive more engagement and views by posting videos directly to Facebook rather than posting to YouTube and sharing the link on their pages.


Facebook Delivers Native Videos More Frequently

Facebook has worked to make native videos more appealing by more frequently showing videos uploaded directly to Facebook than videos on outbound links. Now Page owners can choose a featured video with extra-large display, a live comment feed, and create playlists of more videos.

Facebook Business Pages as a Digital Touchpoint

This new formatting is another element of Facebook’s concerted effort to make business Pages a primary digital touchpoint in a company’s online presence. As the roll out develops over the coming weeks, companies will be able to make it easier to feature videos they want fans to see.

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