A major perk of owning a self storage business is that you can easily automate or downsize resources in order to increase revenue. Unlike other commercial real estate sectors, simplifying the leasing process is a breeze thanks to innovative technologies. From kiosks that act as your sales team to the use of Dynamic Ads that refine your digital advertising strategy and generate higher quality leads, you have the ability to decrease overhead in order to increase revenue. 

Automation Makes You More Efficient

One of the biggest drains on self storage overhead is having a staff onsite 7 days a week. Automation allows you to operate more efficiently with a minimum number of staff members in place. Decrease the amount of money that goes out the door by installing rental kiosks and adding online leasing to your website. Not only will you be able to rent storage units 24 hours a day, you also won’t have to pay staff members to be onsite to fill out leasing forms that can be done by the renter online.

Rental Kiosks and Online Leasing

Today’s renters expect a quick and easy leasing process. They are technologically savvy and the convenience of filling out a form at a rental kiosk or from the palm of their hand on your website is often preferred to interacting with a staff member over the phone or in-person at your facility. Adding a rental kiosk allows you to rent units 24 hours a day, as opposed to only during your office hours. Having customers fill out their own forms, choose their units, and pay online or at a kiosk significantly decreases the drain on your resources and increases customer satisfaction. 

G5 offers Uber Leasing® both on and off of our platform, making online leasing simple for all self storage marketers. Uber Leasing® allows you to take customers off of the market by offering online leasing directly on your website. Once a customer reaches your website they can choose their unit and with Uber Leasing® you can customize confirmations, get lease signatures, and close the deal without a single interaction from your staff. Keep your customers and team on the same page by showing real-time pricing and inventory on your website, which updates automatically from your back-office system.

G5 Lead Insights and Dynamic Ads

Automating your digital ads with Dynamic Ads and G5 Lead Insights helps you get in front of the right people at the right time with the right message. 65 percent of people click on ads when they are ready to make a purchase decision and with Dynamic Ads, it ensures the most efficient, successful ads are shown, generating higher quality leads. The highest performing strategies focus on specific audiences, moments, and life events. Lead Insights and Smart Digital Advertising allow you to get hyperlocal, target specific life events when people are likely to rent, and encourage re-engagement after a prospect leaves your website without converting. 

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads improve marketing efficiency by managing digital ad campaigns automatically based on market and location dynamics. We use real-time pricing and availability to drive your campaigns, optimize based on inventory, and generate more qualified leads. This allows your campaigns to improve efficiency in the sales cycle, allowing your properties to rent available units quickly.

Lead Insights

G5’s Lead Insights gives you deeper insight into which campaigns and specific keywords deliver the most conversions. We leverage this data to optimize your campaigns and focus spend on the ads that are truly working. Taking advantage of Lead Insights and Smart Digital Advertising results in greater efficiency and increased response, which drives higher advertising ROI. 

Generate Better Quality Leads and Increase Revenue with Automation

Generate better quality leads and increase revenue by turning more prospects into leases by taking advantage of technological automation onsite and in your digital marketing. Rental kiosks onsite and online leasing on your website allows you to lease units 24 hours a day and decrease overhead in the amount of staff you have at your facility on a daily basis. Marketing automation optimizes your digital advertising campaigns for higher quality leads. Stop draining your resources and increase your revenue by investing in automation technology onsite and online. 

Learn more about how you can increase revenue by downloading G5’s Demand Generation infographic