A tight job market is a sign of a healthy economy, but it can make finding skilled employees a lot more difficult. The year-to-date job growth has outperformed last year and there are far more job openings than job seekers (7.1 million job openings versus 6.0 million job seekers). The overall unemployment rate is down to 3.7 percent and college-educated unemployment is at 2 percent. According to Marcus and Millichap, the job market for professional business and healthcare services is even tighter. In August, there were 2.6 million job openings versus 1.2 million people looking for those jobs.

If you are looking to recruit a talented workforce, why not employ the same techniques you use to attract quality leads? Digital advertising presents a new option to recruit employees because it can be highly targeted to put you in front of a specific group of job seekers.

What the Current Search Trends Mean for Recruiting

A low unemployment rate means that the market is candidate-driven. To attract the best of the best in your field, you need to stand out from other local employers. Whether they are searching for a new job, making an online purchase, or reading the news, job seekers are spending much of their time online. There are 3.5 billion online searchers everyday, with 30 billion ads seen online. According to Google, 75 percent of smartphone users turn to search first when looking to address their immediate needs – that includes looking for a new job.

With that much time spent online, and that many advertisements bombarding searchers everyday, it’s essential to have a narrow strategy for recruiting new talent. Let’s review the top tools you need when designing a digital advertising campaign for recruitment.  

Digital Advertising and Human Resources Partnership  

First, you need to establish or strengthen the partnership between your Marketing and Human Resources team. They will need to work together to make sure both are ready for the influx in submissions and understand how to use digital advertising to find the right employees.

Recruiting Toolkit

Website and SEO: Update your website to highlight your Careers or Employment page. It’s wise to consider adding a simple contact form to build a database of interested candidates. Optimize your SEO with careers and position-specific tags and copy to show up when searchers look for jobs locally or in your category.

Digital Advertising: Start a targeted digital advertising campaign for Careers. This will include paid search ads that will be seen by those looking for category-specific jobs in your area and drive them to your website. Retargeting keeps prospective employees engaged with your brand and open positions, even when they aren’t actively searching.

Social Media: Boosted posts or ads on your social media pages are an inexpensive way to target and recruit new employees. This also gives you a chance to introduce yourselves to community members through employee spotlights, recruitment videos, and resident testimonials.

Review Pages: If you aren’t already monitoring review sites, it’s time to do so. It’s important to know what is being said about you online – from customers, renters, community members, employees, and even job seekers. This helps ensure that your brand is not being hurt during a recruitment push. We recommend responding to every review – positive or negative. This signals that your brand is engaged with the community.

Results Tracking: Utilize digital advertising insights to measure the results of your campaign. This will prove the value of the recruitment push, streamline the entire process, and help you budget for future campaigns.

Make the Most of Online Recruiting with G5  

In today’s extremely tight job market, it’s time to start recruiting staff with the same data-driven tactics used to convert leads. G5 uses the most effective real estate marketing tactics and targets potential hires with primary data and specialized campaigns that fit your brand and meet your needs.

With more than 175 Google certifications and partnerships with leading platforms, G5 Digital Advertising sets you apart from your competition so that your ads are seen first by a talented workforce.

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