Picture this: You see an ad for a modern studio apartment. The ad features sleek silver and muted grays. Since this is just the type of apartment you’ve been looking for, you click on the ad, which takes you to a landing page that looks completely different. “Two-bedroom cottages for rent” says the header, and the rest of the page is designed with pale pinks and creams.

You’d be confused, right? The landing page failed to deliver what the ad promised. If you’re like most people, you’ll click away immediately. This company just lost your business.

Message Match

You only have five seconds to capture your website visitor’s attention – one surefire way to get them to leave your site is to give them the wrong information.

You don’t ever want to confuse visitors to your landing page – or worse, make them feel stupid. If they click on your ad for three or four bedroom townhomes and your landing page is advertising studio and one bedroom apartments, you’ve just lost a potential resident.

People aren’t going to spend time sifting through your website in order to find what they came for. You want to make sure that what you promise in your ad, you deliver on your landing page.

Mood Match

As important as it is to make sure your message matches across your ad and landing page, it is equally important that the design and mood match as well. Color and font style should be the same in your ads and on your landing page, and any photography should be the same or at least similar. Don’t pair a brightly lit photo from a studio in your display ad with a moody sunset photo shot outdoors on a landing page.

Visitors to your site will pick up on these visual cues before they read a single word on your page. Ensuring your display ad and your landing page look the same will go a long way toward keeping visitors on your landing page.

Turn to the Experts

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