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Ian Lopuch is a Silicon Valley business executive, marketing executive, and investor, with deep roots in technology. After graduating Stanford University, Ian spent the first 11+ years of his career managing large teams and large budgets at some of Silicon Valley’s most sophisticated digital marketing companies.  He has always had a love of real estate investing and combined his interests when he joined Carlo Development LLC, the company behind, as a partner in 2015. This marked the start of a strong collaboration between Ian and G5. We first met Ian at the Self Storage Association Tradeshow in the fall of 2015 and it didn't take long to realize our mutual passion for real estate marketing. 

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Joint Webinar: "How to measure and improve your paid digital marketing campaigns" 

A recent collaboration featuring Ian and G5 advertising expert, Danielle Dunham, gave listeners insight into successfully measuring and optimizing advertising performance.

Ever wonder if your paid strategy is paying off? Analyzing and optimizing your paid strategy can be overwhelming. This webinar gives listeners insight into the importance of paid advertising. From the changes Google has made to the results page, to the rise in mobile users, successful marketers must consider paid advertising as part of their marketing mix. Download the webinar and learn:

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We asked Ian to tell us about his passion for digital marketing and real estate investing.

When did you first gain a passion for digital marketing?

I graduated from Stanford University in 2004 with my BS in Computer Science and Minor in Economics. During my time at Stanford, I also served as co-president of The Charles R. Blyth Fund, Stanford’s student-run investment portfolio. As someone who enjoys a multitude of ventures spanning technology, business, and investing, I discovered a brand new industry during my job search—digital marketing. Joining NexTag's digital marketing team as my first job out of Stanford, I did not fully know what to expect. I did know, however, that I would enjoy an incredibly challenging and multi-disciplined role at a growing startup, one that would touch many of my passions. When I experienced first-hand the dramatic growth and impact of my team’s work, eventually leading to a $1.2 billion exit, I truly appreciated the power and scale of digital marketing as a career path.

Your career in Digital Marketing started with Paid Advertising. Why do you believe it is still important today for marketing professionals? 

Yes, in my early career I was focused on PPC. In fact, the first post on my site, PPC Ian, was October 29th, 2009. While I have become an expert across all marketing channels, online and offline, I still think PPC has to be part of the mix for smart marketers. In fact, it may be even more important today with the advent of mobile. 

The iPhone was first released in 2007, less than 10 years ago. Comparing November metrics year-over-year for our Los Angeles and Northern California self storage portfolio, mobile website users have increased by 65%. Operating in the commercial real estate space, an industry where on-the-go consumers are searching for our physical locations, we have been early adopters of mobile marketing. Over the last two years, we have witnessed mobile becoming more important than ever before in the consumer’s journey for self storage and apartments.

How did you address this change?

While we have always been pioneers in mobile marketing, we really wanted to accelerate our investment in response to our rapid increase in mobile website visitors. Just announced on 11/17/16, we launched Smart Self Storage, powered by the G5 Marketing Cloud. In designing and developing Smart Self Storage, we took a mobile first approach. Our website is responsive and works on all devices, however the core design and functionality was crafted for the mobile consumer.

What do you think is on the horizon for digital marketing in the coming 5 years?

Programmatic IoT (Internet of Things). I see two related trends emerging:

1. Just as the mobile smartphone has become the platform of choice for on-the-go consumers, technology will be embedded in everything from glasses, to watches, to billboards. Everything will be connected to the Internet, and consumers will engage with brands across all devices.

2. Cross-device advertising will become more programmatic than ever before, meaning a real-time, personalized, and consistent experience across the Internet of Things.

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Tell us about your role with Carlo and Smart Self Storage.

A California-based developer and operator of multifamily and self storage properties, Carlo Development LLC has roots dating back to 1973. Throughout its history, the Carlo family of companies has developed a multitude of industrial and multifamily properties. In Northern and Southern California, Carlo Development LLC truly embraces its local communities. You can learn more at,, and I take great pride in being a Partner at a successful real estate company with such rich history. And, I take great pride in implementing the latest Silicon Valley technology trends company-wide, and being responsible for growing our business in the greater Bay Area and Northern California.

What are some of the innovative things you are doing to market and stay competitive with Smart Self Storage?

Smart Self Storage, the website that represents our newer self storage facilities in Los Angeles and our Northern California portfolio, embodies our latest marketing innovations. In terms of staying competitive online, we are embracing what I call our hyper-local, content-driven strategy. We are your local, neighborhood self storage facility. We care about our communities. We love our communities. Everything we do in marketing communicates this passion to our consumers. From an offline standpoint, our core differentiators include unparalleled customer service, cleanliness, and quality of our facilities. Our heritage includes a long history of sustainable and prudent growth.

Your websites now integrate with SiteLink, your management software. How important is having real-time unit availability and pricing to your business?  

We are in business to improve lives, delight our customers, and add lasting value to our communities. Anything we can do to save our consumers time and help them make more informed decisions is absolutely critical. That’s why the G5/SiteLink integration is so truly wonderful. Because of the G5/SiteLink integration, Smart Self Storage (and our other web properties) display real-time pricing and availability information to consumers interested in renting our self storage units. The best websites are incredibly transparent and informative, and that’s exactly what the G5/SiteLink partnership brings to our website, Smart Self Storage.

Tell us about your partnership with G5.

Our eight-year partnership with G5 is one of our absolute favorite partnerships. The G5 Marketing Cloud powers our digital marketing. At Carlo Development LLC, my team is lean and scrappy. Each and every day, I rely on G5 as an extension of our Carlo family. G5 enables our organization to offer one of the best consumer Internet experiences in our category, in my opinion. Having visited the G5 headquarters in Bend, Oregon, and having met many of the G5 employees, I can truly say that G5 is one of my favorite companies in real estate and technology, both from a people and results standpoint. I want to take this opportunity to thank you, G5, for this amazing interview opportunity and for the eight years of incredible partnership. Each and every day, it is my honor to work closely with your amazing team. Thanks, everyone, for reading.

Keeping up with Ian Lopuch.

Ian has been passionate about digital marketing since 2004, and has a popular website for digital marketing experts called PPC Ian.

Recently, Ian co-hosted a webinar with G5 on 5 Steps to Improve Your PPC Campaigns. Click here to hear a recording of the webinar.

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