If you are kicking off 2019 by acquiring additional senior living communities, there are several marketing-based steps you need to take to be successful from day one. We recommend having a pre-launch strategy and timeline in place as soon as possible to stay on track and take advantage of the momentum that comes with a new community.

Two to Three Months Until Acquisition

Start your acquisition process by planning ahead: develop a marketing plan, set occupancy goals, make a budget, and create a timeline of future events and to-dos. You should also plan the new website and its creative content. Take the time to conduct an audit of current website(s) and integrations, plus any other online business accounts, including Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp.

One to Two Months Until Acquisition

This time is about communication with the current ownership, plus any contractors you are working with to assist in the acquisition. You should ask the current ownership to transfer all marketing assets to you. If approval is not granted, you will need to schedule professional property photography for your website. Next, establish your digital advertising campaigns and create content for important SEO pages including Living Options, Dining, and Activities.

Month Leading Up to Acquisition

The month leading up to acquisition includes behind-the-scenes work for your social media accounts. Create a content calendar for social media posts, including relevant community events and topics, videos, photo galleries, and staff introductions. Write blogs and social media posts now. You won’t have access to social media and review sites yet, but you should create a timeline for when to pre-publish and post new content so that it’s a streamlined and efficient process after acquisition.

Property Acquired

Once you’ve acquired the new property, it’s time to hit the launch button on the website, digital advertising campaigns, business listings, and social media accounts. You may need to redirect the domain from a previous site, or update the url on all existing online business listings. Your digital advertising campaign (including Display, PPC/Search, and Remarketing) should work to drive highly qualified traffic that will help you reach stabilization goals. Announce the change in ownership on all social and review platforms, including Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You are welcome to invite new renters to post online reviews, but remember to avoid incentivizing reviews in any way.

Elevate your New Acquisition with G5

As the leader in real estate marketing, G5 is ready to assist you during the acquisition process. We cover everything from website development and creative content to SEO and digital marketing. To see how we would work together in the months leading up to a new acquisition, download our Senior Living Acquisitions Checklist.