Here at G5, we offer employee perks that include light-filled open work spaces, a great location, free beverages, and the option to bring pets to work. Three of the company’s four-legged ambassadors—Bandit, Paco, and Scarlett—hang out near the reception area to greet visitors. Bringing furry friends to work is a long-standing tradition at the company. Since its inception, in fact, G5 has encouraged employees to bring their pets to the office.

Many studies show that having pets in the workplace helps employees with engagement, happiness, and overall satisfaction. G5’s pet-friendly policies reflect the company’s core values as well as Bend, Oregon’s all-dogs-welcome culture. We believe, for several reasons, that having pets in the office creates a healthier environment.

Luna with her mom, Sherri Murrell_edited


Pets Encourage Healthy Habits

G5’s pet-friendly policy is a win-win for everyone who works here. Because our pet parents get to be with their pet all day, it gives them reasons to be outside, take walks, and get some fresh air—instead of being chained to their desks. At G5, we advocate for well-rounded activity. Pets also help to reduce high blood pressure and stress. Even the simple act of stroking a pet can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Paco and Scarlett (Brittany 2nd Floor)_edited

Numerous studies also indicate that dog owners may get more exercise than the rest of us. One of our G5ers, Brittney Gaddis, thinks her duo—Paco and Scarlett—helps keep her active during the workweek. The Chihuahua and Cane Corso are best friends who love going to Drake Park and chasing after pine cones together. The 13-acre downtown park is only a five-minute walk from G5, and many here make the walk daily to play with their pooches.

Huxley (Stuart Ilson)_edited

G5’s largest dog, Huxley, belongs to Stuart Illson, Data Engineer. Huxley comes into the office three times a week; he gets to explore the office and socialize so by the end of the day, he’s pretty tuckered out.

We don’t just support employee health, but the health of the pets as well. We recently switched to a new insurance provider that offers an affordable, elective pet insurance policy.

Pets Create Connections

Keeli Hide gives Zar (Daniel West) a kiss_edited

Many people think of their four-legged companions as best friends, and other companies agree as well. Like G5, Google and Zynga, among others, believe that every day is bring your dog to work day. According to a survey by the American Pet Products Association, 47 million Americans believe that having pets in the workplace creates a more productive environment.

These pets are great icebreakers, making it easier for new employees to meet their coworkers. Jeff Hazel, Senior Software Engineer, and his Blue Heeler, Dylan, recently joined the G5 team. Jeff follows Dylan as she gets familiar with her fellow canines. Popular topics of pet-friendly conversations include how a pet got its name, reasons for buying or adopting, and—because this is Bend—favorite outdoor activities.

Dylan (Jeff Hazel)_edited

Patrick Davidson, our new COO, grew up in a family that trained competition Golden Retrievers. He found his Field Golden, Luke, five years ago. Luke had never been to any of Patrick’s previous offices. Nevertheless, when Luke came to G5 for the first time, he was welcomed by Zar and Luna—two more dogs on the same floor—with wagging tails.

Whenever G5 dogs socialize with one another, it brings employees together and gives them an opportunity to learn about each other and build rapport.

Pets Strengthen Accountability

G5 gets to allow pets in the office because our employees take personal responsibility for these furry friends. This means that pet owners keep a watchful eye on their companions.

Dani Link, Client Services Manager, and her French Bulldog puppy, Barry, enjoy puppy playtime in the atrium every morning at nine o’clock. This is a great time for puppies to run around together without disturbing others’ workflow. Puppy playtime gives pets and their people a chance to exercise and socialize before tackling the day.

Toastie (Cassidy Cushing)_edited

Dogs are welcome at most G5 events too. Toasty, a Jack Russell Terrier with a splash of poodle, is one of several dogs who participates in G5 events and parties. Cassidy Cushing, Project Coordinator at G5, brings Toasty around to be the cheerleader for the G5 kickball team and decks her out for company parties.

Dogs are an important part of our culture, and the benefits of bringing dogs to the office are amplified by Bend’s outdoor-lifestyle culture. Talk to anyone in town and the subject of bikes, beer, or dogs is likely to come up. Pets create a healthier, happier work environment that bolsters productivity and teamwork.  

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