The holiday season is here, and that means colder temperatures, family gatherings, time off from work, and a less active multifamily rental market. It’s easy to mentally check out during this time of year, but that’s a big mistake. Even if occupancy rates are high, slowing down your marketing efforts can have lasting effects in the new year. Most digital advertising and PPC campaigns take time to catch on and produce results. If you don’t have an active strategy, you are putting your community at a competitive disadvantage.

While it might be difficult to generate a significant amount of leases in November and December, marketing efforts that keep the community fresh in the minds of prospects who might lease months later can have an extended positive impact. Try these tips to bolster your holiday marketing success.

Evaluate Your Progress

Rather than going over one specific strategy or campaign, gather your team and conduct a review of the entire year. Encourage everyone to reflect on what worked well, what didn’t perform, and what could have been done differently. Then, based on your findings, refine, reinvent, and start planning for next year.

Don’t Forget About Your Current Residents You should also use the slow season to focus efforts on retaining current residents. This can include holiday events geared toward resident appreciation, holiday parties, or charity work. This is also an ideal time to initiate a positive review campaign so prospective residents will have updated analysis from trusted sources.

Perform Selective Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Testing G5 tests new PPC strategies throughout the year. But sometimes it makes more sense to test specific strategies during the offseason to measure interest on a more concentrated level. This type of testing could be beneficial for testing out new brand messaging, launching new products, or honing in on the most effective value proposition for your business.

Develop a Strong Content Arsenal

This is a great time to build a repository of relevant content to deploy during the busy months. Try taking new interior photos and new graphic treatments for your website. Post an explainer video about your community’s neighborhood. It’s also practical to figure out blog topics even if posts aren’t actually written until later. You’ll be glad to have them once the busy spring and summer months arrive.

Build a Social Media Presence

Even if you already have a social media strategy in place, now is the time to evaluate data. Which posts are generating the most traffic and engagement? Which ones fall flat? We all know that building a solid social media presence takes time, so it’s wise to come up with a new strategy before your peak months. Take the time to build partnerships with other local businesses, connect with current customers, and make an impression on future prospects.

Even though new move-ins may dwindle during the colder months, your digital marketing game doesn’t have to slow down. Thoughtful planning during the offseason can yield big rewards and fewer hours burned during the summer.

Get Professional Help

As you can see, there are many things you can do during the offseason to keep marketing efforts from falling by the wayside. If you want to go deep with your digital engagement, partnering with marketing pros can help secure more quality leads. Strategic and ongoing multi-tiered campaigns, professionally organized and administered, can amplify your digital presence across multiple platforms at the moment when it is most effective.

For more information on boosting your conversion rate with digital marketing this moving season, contact G5, a Premier Google Partner and Bing Ads Select SMB Partner.