The G5 Senior Living MarTech Series

Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level this year? From February through June, we’ve been sharing reports from our new G5 MarTech Series. We’ll shown you how to bridge the seemingly disparate gap between intuitive customer experiences and cutting-edge MarTech. Here’s what we've released so far and what's to come.

Part One: The Senior Living Online Experience

The pandemic has transformed far-reaching aspects of our lives. COVID-19 is a market disruptor and world shaker-upper. Fortunately, there is some hope on the horizon with at-risk populations receiving lifesaving vaccines first. At the time of publication, we’ve been in this for nearly a year, which is long enough to pick up on a few senior living specific online experiences that are proving helpful when operating in an ever-changing world.

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Part Two: Digital Trends in Senior Living

With more of our lives — working, learning, and socializing — moved online, the bar for digital customer experience expectations got a little higher. Here are our top marketing takeaways to up your digital strategy game.

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Part Three: The Tech Stack

Now more than ever, technology and technology solutions have the power to change the way you work, and how your team builds trust digitally with seniors and their families. Let’s examine technology’s vital role in marketing and go over the qualities you should look for in your marketing partners. Then, we’ll unpack buzzwords like “automation” and “scalability.” Tech moves fast, so jump on board for a wild ride to learn about these speedy solutions.

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Part Four: Data + CDP

The term “big data” was first used in 2005, and “data scientist” became a professional title in 2008. Sometimes data can feel like an overhyped buzzword, but it’s important to remember that the way we use data today, and the powerful insights it unlocks are relatively new, and absolutely transformational. We’ll go over why data science matters to marketers, what data privacy means to marketers, how data meets technology to become more valuable, and what we can anticipate from data science in 2021. 

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Part Five: Brand + User Experience

A well-built brand that is elevated by cutting-edge design is not only art, but science, too. Let’s unpack how these left and right brain worlds meet by diving into the basics of branding, brand discovery, brand identity, and how this all relates to performance-centric design. Finally, we’ll uncover branding’s responsibility to humanize your digital presence and why this is vital to the 2021 marketer. 

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