In order to drive new, high-quality leads, real estate marketers must be able to connect with potential renters at each stage of the purchase process. G5 recently published 20 Digital Touchpoints: The Real Estate Marketer’s Guide to the Buyer’s Journey, an eBook aimed at helping you stand out by providing great tips and insight on the buyer’s journey. Learn about what to expect and then download the eBook for more in-depth reading and education.

The Buyer’s Journey & How It’s Changed

In the first chapter of the 20 Digital Touchpoints eBook, we show you how the buyer’s journey has changed. Data shows that buyers now consult more than 20 online sources before making a buying decision. Identify and optimize your digital marketing strategy to incorporate each of the 20 digital touchpoints outlined in this chapter.

The Age of Assistance

Customers expect assistance everywhere throughout the buyer’s journey. A few years ago, Google introduced “the age of assistance”, which is characterized by fast-moving customers with high expectations for relevant, immediate, hyper-personalized information. This chapter keys in on how to attract renters in the age of assistance.

SEO — Start Where They Start

According to Google, today’s renters spend more time researching in the digital world than on all other media combined. If you haven’t optimized your website for SEO, you could be missing out on qualified organic and local search traffic. Start with a solid base by using SEO to show up in the searches your ideal renters are performing.

Digital Advertising — Meet Them Where They Are

Put your brand at the forefront of renter searches by using digital advertising to meet them where they are researching. Digital advertising, including paid search, display ads, remarketing, and paid social ads, have emerged as one of the most effective methods for lead generation. Learn about targeting strategies and continuous optimization in this chapter.

Reputation — Control the Conversation

A business’ online reputation matters in the age of assistance. More than 90 percent of people say that online reviews impact their purchase decisions. The sentiment of online reviews and how you respond can make or break your reputation and ability to get new renters in the door.

Mobile & Web — Your First Leasing Consultant

Your website has two jobs — to convert qualified traffic into leads and to tell your brand story. Your brand drives your messaging, communicates your value proposition, and defines your place in the market. Having an accurate website and online presence ensures the right leads come to your door and convert.

Invest in Digital Marketing First, Before an ILS or Lead Aggregator

In our experience, many businesses turn to Internet listing services (ILSs) and lead aggregators to generate new renters. Investing in digital marketing allows for new forms of lead generation and may end up being much more affordable while retaining your brand control. Customers no longer rely on ILSs to find a new self storage unit, apartment, or retirement community, which means it is your best interest to shift some of that invest to your digital presence instead.

G5 eBook 20 Digital Touchpoints

Show Up, Stand Out

The 20 Digital Touchpoints eBook outlines the buyer’s journey in the age of assistance. Learn about each of the digital touchpoints and how you can show up and stand out every step of the way. If you’re not there, another company will be. You have nanoseconds of stage time to capture the buyer’s attention and make an actionable impact. Set your business up for success by delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.

Download the 20 Digital Touchpoints eBook.