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Drive Demand and Create Brand Exposure

Lead Insights

Track & Measure Response Rates to Optimize Campaigns

  • Campaign
  • Keywords

Engage & Convert Traffic into Leads

Intelligent Lead Scoring

Score & Prioritize Leads to Drive Value

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  • Lead vs. Non-Lead

Drive demand across multiple channels and get the exposure your brand needs.


Make sure you're found amidst the ever-changing complexity of search. Did Google just change its algorithms again? We'll adjust across all properties at once.

Digital Advertising

Leverage our innovative call attribution and performance data to continuously optimize strategies, and reach the right people for the right property at just the right time.

Rep & Social

Monitor, respond to, and schedule future social postings all in one dashboard. Plus, learn from sentiment analysis where your property can fine tune.

Lead Insights

Gain visibility across all channels into the campaigns and keywords that drive conversions—and gain meaningful insights into customer behavior.

See how an integrated solution gets you found across channels.

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Engage and convert traffic on websites designed to represent your brand beautifully—and designed for conversion.

Mobile & Web

Convert more prospects through engaging online experiences.

Pricing, Availability & Lead Push

Display current pricing and availability, pulled directly from your PMS or backend system. Then see every lead as it's pushed to you, and keep your sales team on target.

Creative Services

Differentiate and elevate your brand through strategic creative, from identity and naming to digital and print.

Content Management System

Make edits to your website at your convenience with instant access to your pages.

Choose a marketing partner that is leading the way with AI.

Fine tune with deeper insights for optimal performance.

Intelligent Lead Scoring

Prioritize leads with the highest propensity to lease and drive higher efficiencies from your sales team.


The G5 Intelligent Marketing Cloud combines data from all of your marketing channels into one centralized hub, empowering actionable insights and measurable results.

Built for real estate marketers.

Unlike other digital marketing platforms, the Intelligent Marketing Cloud has one simple but mighty goal: to optimize the performance of your real estate marketing investment.

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