The holiday season is a good time to reach adult children who are searching for retirement homes, assisted living, and at-home care services on Google and Bing. With reported spikes in interest and searches between Thanksgiving and into the New Year on both Bing and Google Adwords, experts at G5 work with our clients to maximize their lead generation during these vital moments. By incorporating an effective search marketing strategy using demographic, contextual, and high-intent keyword targeting, you can create a winning strategy to capture additional leads that you may be missing out on. It is important that as a Senior Living operator, your communities are active on Google and Bing, and that your ads are showing up in the moments that matter the most this holiday season.


1. Adult children turn to search engines for aging parents’ health concerns

For adult children who may only see their parents over the holidays, these gatherings are especially meaningful. Annual visits are often the time when adult children first become aware that Mom or Dad may need a little extra help. And since families tend to get together in one place, it’s also a popular time to book tours of Senior Living communities.

Yearly holiday visits often reveal Senior Living needs that result in families taking action. Adult children may not live nearby, so they tend to notice Mom and Dad’s health status during these family gatherings. They may observe memory loss, mobility issues, and other concerns of their parent’s aging. While adult children are checking for symptoms, they turn to Google and Bing to search for potential senior communities and plan for the year to come. It is important your community is showing up on the search engines, on any device, during these vital moments.

2. Millions of Senior Living-related searches and high CTRs After Thanksgiving

According to a recent report from comScore, there are millions of available impressions surrounding Senior Living-related searches during the holidays. Ads that show in the top positions on both Bing and Google are projected to have high click-through-rates (CTRs), meaning there’s a high number of potential leads that you don’t want to leave on the table. By combining an optimally targeted strategy on both Bing and Google Adwords, you are capturing the highest amount of available impressions and reaching both a senior audience as well as an adult child audience on the most widely used search engines.

After adult children return home, they continue their research. They look into possible challenges their parents are experiencing, and they get more serious about their online search for senior living communities in their parents’ area or their own area. Our experts find that this is why these searches tend to spike between the holidays and continue through the new year.

3. Your marketing dollars go a long way in lead generation

Competitors may incorrectly reduce their marketing efforts during holiday times, or may not think to increase them or make changes trending into the end of the year, instead focusing on the current season. However, as our findings have shown, there are millions of impressions and many potential leads that are being left on the table.  Without the right knowledge, correctly targeting these viable leads and adult child demographics may seem overwhelming. But with a solid plan, your voice can be the most resonant to those prospects in your area.

So, instead of going dark this holiday season, why not finish off the year with an increase in leads and start the new year with plenty of momentum?

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