Know what's working—and fix what isn't, fast.


Prove your marketing is working for you.

Measuring marketing ROI is the #1 challenge expressed by marketers. And it has been for nearly 100 years. Grandfather-of-marketing John Wanamaker’s concern still rings true: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

It all starts with tracking the right information.

G5’s Analytics measures and reports performance metrics at the portfolio and individual property levels. Our system tracks website traffic (volume, sources, device usage, etc.), captures leads by online form and phone calls, calculates cost-per-lead and cost-per-lease, and scores and indexes online reputation.

Drive your business with intelligence.

All of this business intelligence helps our customers:

  • Gain greater visibility into business performance
  • Know what is working with your marketing efforts and where to assign marketing budgets
  • Avoid wasting limited, precious time and budget on the wrong efforts
  • Quantify the increased financial impact of marketing
  • Increase NOI and asset value
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Marketing ROI is key to unlocking your potential.

When the market is strong, it’s easy to put your attention elsewhere. But knowing what is working and not working will ensure that as markets shift, you’re well-prepared to continue to be in control of your business. Marketing ROI boils down to knowing which marketing spend is getting you results.

Marketing is a series of levers and, with the diversity of customer touchpoints, you need to make sure you have the right information to move those levers and get your marketing mix right. G5 Analytics starts by measuring the right information so you can assess return and trending—then pivot swiftly.


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G5 is a critical part of our marketing strategy. Having access to the level of industry experience and digital marketing expertise that G5 provides is invaluable for our marketing team.

Uri Rubin, Principal and Chief Financial Officer, Senior Living Management Corporation
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Performance metrics.

We provide portfolio and property level reporting on website traffic, paid search results, and device usage.

Lead tracking and call tracking.

Know the critical information about your leads. Quickly view your lead details, lead sources, and even listen to phone calls. In addition, G5’s lead attribution model allows you to have an omni-channel view of your lead sources, whether they’re online, offline, digital, or organic.

Financial impact.

We know what matters and we track it. Analytics calculates your cost-per-lead and cost-per-lease, viewable by various time frames.

Reputation score.

Portfolio, region, and property level reputation scores, as well as benchmarked industry scores from the hundreds of G5 customers.