Display ads are often considered an awareness generation tactic, but that’s changing with the emergence of Google responsive display ads – just ask G5 multifamily client Mission Rock Residential. Like most multifamily operators, Mission Rock’s goal was  to attract and engage new renters during the slower leasing months. G5 advised Mission Rock to diversify its ad channel mix to appeal to renters at every touchpoint in the buyer’s journey. In this new case study, we review how G5 amplified the impact of Mission Rock’s advertising spend by shifting from static display ads to Google responsive ads.

G5’s Case Study Approach

Using G5’s proprietary budget recommendation tool, Mission Rock set up a test. They allocated a portion of their ad spend to gauge the efficacy of Google responsive display ads versus manually created image-based ads. G5 supplied the headlines, logos, images, and URLs for each ad, and then Google’s machine learning system automatically tested multiple ad variations and optimized for the best combination of ad assets across the display network. 

This strategy was augmented with Lead Insights, a technology that further optimizes digital advertising campaign performance by attributing website calls to the campaigns and keywords that work best, so strategists can turn off elements that aren’t performing  and focus spend on those that perform the best.

Generate More Inquiries with Google Responsive Display Ads

Ready to read the results? Download our case study, Google Responsive Display Ads Deliver More Inquiries now. Then, contact G5 for a demo to see how our Smart Digital Advertising can help you achieve your goals in 2020.