Self storage marketing and advertising costs are up across the industry with REITs reporting a 16% increase in year-over-year spend. As the 2020 budget season approaches, now is the time to consider investing in new technologies to manage these rising costs. In our newest case study, we show you how implementing G5 Lead Insights increased total inquiries for customer Smart Self Storage by 13%. 

Highlights of the Smart Self Storage Case Study

When savvy San Diego-based Smart Self Storage approached G5 for help increasing the efficiency of their marketing campaigns we knew that an automation technology like G5 Lead Insights was the answer to their problems. Lead Insights optimized spend on their digital marketing by targeting the messages and channels that drove the highest conversions on Smart Self Storage websites. This allowed our digital strategy team to:

  • Know which advertising keywords and campaigns drove users to convert on their websites
  • Know the marketing sources that drove the most conversions on their websites

The data provided by Lead Insights was then used to tweak campaigns so only the highest performing keywords and campaigns were targeted by our strategists. Knowing which marketing sources were the most effective at converting leads was also essential information as it allowed us to optimize spend by channel which reduced waste. 

Decrease Your Cost-Per-Conversion

Want to know just how much Smart Self Storage saved? Download G5’s latest case study, Decrease Cost Per Conversion and Increase Leads by 13% to find out.