Digital marketing provides self storage operators with a wealth of data and information about prospects and customers that can be used to make smarter marketing decisions. We recently blogged about how to get started with digital marketing and how you can translate digital marketing data into action. Today, we discuss how to choose a self storage digital marketing partner. 

What to Look for in a Self Storage Digital Marketing Partner

The ever-changing digital landscape requires strong partnerships. The right digital marketing partner helps elevate your marketing to create a strong, profitable brand. The best self storage digital marketing partners understand your business goals and provide opportunities for your company and your brand to grow. A recent article by Think with Google offers three questions to consider when choosing a partner, which apply to self storage.

Does this Marketing Partner Bring a Unique Perspective and Insights?

As a self storage operator, you want to look for marketing partners that give you a “high-level” view of the industry and its unique insights. While many partners rely heavily on Google to understand how customers use digital touchpoints throughout the buyer’s journey, the best partners blend that knowledge with self storage specific insights. 

“The best insights shift our perspective and give us clues about how we can take action. We need to evolve with our customers today and in the future — how they think about travel, interact with brands, and what they expect of brands across channels.” — Dorothy Dowling for Think with Google

Choose a self storage digital marketing partner that uses insights from your digital marketing data to shift your perspective and guides you on how to use it to take action. The right digital marketing partner shares insights about the customer journey to help inform your decisions about where to spend your marketing dollars. 

Are They Challenging Us in New Ways?

It’s essential to identify partners that live and breathe your business and your industry. Choose a marketing partner that will help you create new value and challenge you in new ways. Your company doesn’t have an infinite budget. Your marketing partner should be bold, but also resourceful to drive the most cost-effective, highly qualified leads. 

The best self storage marketing partners help you look beyond traditional channels to innovate and diversify your marketing initiatives. In self storage, your partner may recommend online leasing paired with AI-driven smart digital advertising. Insights from these advanced technologies help you move forward and bring new value to your business. 

Can They Help Us Grow for the Future?

Do the marketing partners you’re considering really go deep into understanding the inner workings of your self storage business? Driving leases, automating processes onsite to minimize overhead — your self storage business needs a marketing partner who understands your needs and can help you grow into the future. 

Does your marketing partner combine insights from your digital campaigns with automation strategies to differentiate your messaging for potential and current customers? Your marketing partner should share customer insights and data with you to help guide your decisions. Your data provides a measurable impact. By leaning into these opportunities shared by your marketing partner, it helps deliver results and builds a foundation of trust between both parties. 

Building Relationships

Finding the best self storage digital marketing partner involves anticipating the needs of your customers online and connecting with them through the right messaging at the right time to convert them into patrons of your brand. It takes time to establish trust and identify the right partner for your business. 

G5 started marketing for self storage companies in 2005 and we have only amplified our knowledge of the industry over time. We have a unique perspective in the self storage industry and a wealth of insights based on real data. We challenge our clients to innovate with products like Uber Leasing®, which drives new leases in as little as three clicks. We take the guesswork out of your digital marketing campaigns with Lead Insights and allow you to take control of the entire customer journey with our online leasing integrations. We’d love to meet you. 

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