The experience your website provides your visitors is crucial to the success of your digital marketing strategy. Every digital marketing effort you make outside of your website should, ideally, drive leads back to your website—where your visitors can find the answers they’re looking for and engage with your brand on a personal level.

If you’re not meeting the expectations of your visitors with a website that gives them the experience they anticipate, it’s likely that your bounce rate will increase and your leads will dip. With this in mind, we here at G5 chose a theme for our website that focuses on storytelling with the flexibility to use one, two, or three calls-to-action (CTAs) to serve different target audiences—and deliver content that’s most likely to resonate.

The style and layout of a website should serve your business purposes—the actions you want your visitors to take—while clearly representing your brand both visually and through messaging. When visitors come to your website, typically they’re aiming to achieve one of two things: to learn more about your company or to take action. Consider the experience they’ll have when they arrive on your home page and organize your content in a way that addresses the questions or needs they’ll likely have.

This is the approach we took when we chose a design for our website, which is built on one of our own themes called Venture. For those of you not familiar with G5, we have a collection of website design themes that can be highly customized to represent your brand and serve your business needs. G5 developed our designs on the most flexible framework to ensure our clients can realize any type of layout they envision—there are no cookie cutter templates in our offering. Here are the four considerations we took when building our website.

Paneled Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

The way the Venture theme works with CTAs allows us to segment our users and deliver the best information that pertains to them, quickly and easily. The instant visitors land on our home page, they see options for where they can go next. This helps them make early decisions and spend less time searching through pages to find what they need.

Our analytics told us that the top two topics our prospects care most about are lead generation and website designs that convert, so we opted for the “two CTA” design on our home page. And we’re always tracking to see which of the two CTA buttons gets clicked more often. By tracking this data, we can continually evolve our website to better serve our visitors by providing them with the information they’re seeking as quickly as possible. Knowing what’s getting attention and what isn’t provides us with valuable insight.

Modern and Clean

Venture’s clean, full-width layout places it at the top of our design collection as one of our most sophisticated and modern themes. The full-width layout makes it easy to digest information and navigate the website. This helps provide a flow and allows the most relevant information to pop.

Toggle Navigation

The choice to implement toggle navigation (compressing the navigation into a mobile-style button) in the Venture theme was inspired by the importance of CTAs. Using this technique allows the attention to stay on the key CTAs while still allowing website visitors to dive deeper to find more information about G5 as they explore the storytelling of the home page.

Heat Mapping

Heat mapping is an important part of measuring the success of a website’s user experience. Using heat mapping techniques, we can find whether or not we’ve highlighted and positioned the correct information for our visitors. This is beneficial because by knowing where our visitors are spending their time, we can provide a better overall experience for them.

The new G5 website with G5’s Venture theme gives us the opportunity to connect with our audience where and when they’re looking for information. We’re continually learning, and it’s an ongoing process of collecting data and turning that data into useful insights to help us deliver the best user experience possible. In the world of digital marketing, every day is a learning opportunity.

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