21.9 – that’s how many days it takes for the average multifamily renter to submit an inquiry to tour a property after first coming into contact with a brand. During that time, 85% of renters will visit a property’s website, according to the 2020 NMHC/Kingsley Apartment Resident Preferences Report. With such a short window to make an impression, and competition in top markets increasing by the day, it’s important to provide renters with opportunities to engage with you on their terms. 

Not everyone wants to pick up the phone to call you or submit a form to learn more. Many renters – 48% of them – find chatbots useful and would use them if given the chance. Now, customers with G5 websites can implement a bot of their own to provide an alternative conversation path for prospects to get answers fast. Meet G5 Bot.

Designed for Multifamily

Today’s consumer expects instant gratification – especially when it comes to getting their questions answered before making a purchase decision. G5 Bot turns marketing into move-ins faster and with less effort from onsite staff by providing renters with an alternative way to communicate with your property. This reduces the number of repetitive phone calls and emails sent to a property daily, which means your team has more time to focus on the most pressing tasks.

Unlike your leasing office, which has set hours of operation, G5 Bot is available to answer questions, provide virtual tours, and schedule on-site tours 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Since it’s designed for multifamily, it’s pre-programmed with a circular, guided-conversation methodology that always funnels back towards booking an appointment, so there are no dead-ends as you might find with a traditional decision-tree chatbot or clumsy AI technology. The result is more appointments being set with a higher show rate and show-to-lease ratio.

G5 Bot by the Numbers

In a given month on a typical property website, G5 Bot:

  • Greets nearly 3,000 prospective renters
  • Has more than 400 conversations
  • Answers nearly 1,100 questions
  • Books 12 appointments
  • Resulting in 11 tours
  • Which all equals an additional 3.8 leases

Integrates with Your Backend Systems

G5 Bot integrates with your PMSs to pre-qualify renters by displaying real-time pricing and availability directly in chat and with many CRMs to schedule tours. We work with:

  • Anyone Home
  • Hy.ly
  • Knock
  • MRI
  • RealPage
  • RentDynamics
  • Yardi

G5 Bot can also write appointments using .ics file attachments for Outlook and Google Calendar.

Capture Interest With Virtual Tours 

Now more than ever, your sales team needs help keeping up with the high quantity of incoming inquiries. G5 Bot can answer frequently asked leasing questions, even when your offices are closed. And, now your prospects can experience your property through virtual tours embedded directly in the G5 Bot experience. Showcase virtual tours or videos from:

  • Matterport
  • Helix 360
  • Zillow
  • Vimeo
  • YouTube
    *additional tour platform integrations evaluated on request

Take a look at G5 Bot Virtual Tours.

Demo G5 Bot

If you want to learn more about G5 Bot and the experience it can deliver to your renters, watch our video. Then, reach out to schedule a demo.