Google is piloting a program for select Premier Partners, like G5, which will place beacons at end-advertiser’s physical locations, enabling mobile devices to interact with businesses when people visit or walk by. These beacons can unlock a variety of new features to improve your business’ local presence.

First of all, what is a beacon?

A beacon is a small transmitter that is the size of a matchbox. It sends a one-way signal that is read by nearby mobile phones, similar to WiFi or GPS signals. This signal communicates with a person’s mobile device, and helps that device to determine the person’s location more accurately. Nothing else is stored or transmitted and no additional information is collected about the person.

Ok, but why is this good for my business?

When a person’s phone has a better understanding of where they are, the business’ local presence and visibility on Google can be improved. There are a wide range of benefits beginning to be unveiled, including:

  • Prompting people to add more reviews, photos, etc. to your Google My Business listing
  • People who have visited your location can add it as a saved place in Google Maps, helping you to appear more prominently in their personal maps, search results, and timeline
  • Populate your business listing’s popular times and visit duration feature

Am I included in this pilot program?

Google outlined very specific criteria for this pilot, and they will be sending the beacons (along with simple instructions) directly to the locations chosen, so they can place this beacon inside their business. Select G5 customers will receive a mailer and an email from G5 announcing your inclusion in this program.

Google continues to pave the way and as a Premier Partner, G5 is excited to participate in the latest advancements in local search. And, since this is a pilot program, likely there will be additional benefits coming in the future as we all know that Google never rests.

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