Recognized in

magazine’s Best Places to Work again this year, G5 continues to seek opportunities to support sustainable business practices and the health of our employees.

This October, a wide variety of universities and businesses across Oregon participated in the Business Commute Challenge (@BusinessCommuteChallenge). Business Commute Challenge (BCC) is a week long opportunity to rethink our daily work commute and discover some great ways to drive less. It’s also a friendly competition between businesses and individuals and a great way to win prizes. G5 worked their tires off and came in fourth place!  Seventy-eight of our employees participated and recorded 1,033 trips. Way to go, team!


Why join the BCC?

  • It’s good for the environment
  • You save money by driving less
  • You build teamwork among your co-workers/employees
  • It’s great for you and your employees’ health
  • You have a chance to win great prizes
  • It’s fun!

Changing the Transportation Game

Just as recycling has become mainstream, so are conversations around sustainable transportation. G5 wants to be a part of this positive trend–both for the environment and our employees. Fortunately, our hub is in the scenic Cascade Mountain range, which offers 300+ days of sunshine per year plus a thriving bike, ski, hiking and yoga culture. But just because it’s available to us, doesn’t mean employees always feel motivated. That’s why G5 participates in and supports programs like Commute Options and the statewide Business Community Challenge as a way to support a healthy community inside as well as outside our work life. Another way G5 supports a work-life balance is to reinforce a healthy lifestyle, and commuting to work is a clear and fun answer.

Active transportation improves mental health and morale, reduces the number of cars (CO2) on the roads, reduces the wear and tear on our streets and helps to maintain a green-conscious culture here at G5.

Getting Healthy in the Workplace without Pressure

SparkPeople is a leading publisher of health, fitness, and food information that “sparks people” to live healthier, happier lives while helping them reach their goals.

One of their recent articles on commuting to work gives great pointers to consider, and demystifies some of the hesitations people might have. There are a lot of benefits to riding a bike to work, but with those positives comes some hesitation; for instance, what if you have a presentation that day and need to dress up a bit more than usual? There’s ice on the streets or it’s snowing? It’s an extremely hot day and you don’t want to be sweaty all morning? SparkPeople suggests putting some of these concerns to rest by not putting so much pressure on ourselves to bike every single day. It’s going to be a huge benefit to not drive your car even three out of five days per week.

The City of Bend’s transportation bureau maintains miles of bike routes, and many businesses provide ample space to park your two-wheeled friend.

In keeping with tradition of our company and its founders, G5 offers many ways to stay active and support the green efforts in our community. G5 offers health and wellness events, frequent team building activities and celebrations, reduced-cost gym memberships, rewards for green commuting, and weekly deliveries of fresh fruit and vegetables through a community-supported agriculture program.

Interested in learning more about the G5 culture? Check out our open

For more resources or advice, check out The League of American Bicyclists

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