When it comes to doing the right thing, G5 strives to be at the forefront of changing the game. Known for the unique company culture and epic holiday parties, the digital marketing gurus at G5 aren’t afraid of shaking up the status quo, especially when it comes to cutting down on waste and encourage green living. From cutting down on cans and bottles in the office to cleaning up trash along the highway, the G5 Green Team is making strides to improve the footprint of one of Bend, Oregon’s, largest employers.

Not Always Easy, But Always Worth It

When the Green Team announced that the ever popular and always crisply delicious Pellegrino sparkling water would be removed from the complimentary drink cooler and replaced with less wasteful Soda Streams, the movement was met with mixed reviews. While furrowed brows could be seen peeking out from behind computer monitors across departments, the community made peace with the loss of those green bottles and can now enjoy unlimited sparkling water from G5’s signature pint glasses, which all new employees receive on their first day. It’s a long-standing tradition as practical as it is efficient. As for the nay sayers, they’ve come around to the green side.

Tapping Into Local Businesses

With eight flavors of Humm Kombucha on tap and a rotation of local brews in the company keg, like Boneyard’s infallible RPM and Deschutes Brewery’s essential Mirror Pond, those pint glasses get a lot of play – and that’s not an accident. The Green team encourages very limited availability of disposable cups, dishes, and napkins in favor of all things reusable. And with over two-hundred and fifty employees, their efforts really add up. But the Green Team does more than just keep the office in line, they’re also responsible for getting G5ers outside and into the community to make a difference on a larger scale.

Championing Commute Options

Every July, the Green Team organizes a company-wide challenge for Bend’s Commute Options program. Employees are placed on teams and challenged to walk, bike, or carpool to reduce pollution and encourage commuters to explore new ways to get around. At the end of the month, the team with the most trips logged is treated to an employer-sponsored party with, you guessed it, free beer, food, and probably some kombucha as well. It’s not only a great way to get G5ers to established better commuting habits, it’s another opportunity for teams to get to know their coworkers and celebrate the summer season outside the office.

Taking it to the Streets

The latest initiative of the G5 Green Team is partnering with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) to participate in their Adopt-A-Highway program. On Friday, June 9th, twenty G5ers will clear a two-mile stretch of east Highway 20, near the Badlands Wilderness area. After the cleanup, participants will make their way to the icon Aspect Boards & Brews on Galveston Avenue to celebrate and drink more local brews out of more pints glasses. Making time to celebrate the contributions of G5ers is an important part of the company’s culture and the Green Team’s mission to make the office a little greener every day.

Wanna Get Green?

If you have an idea to help the G5 Green Team take it to the next level, we want to hear from you. Contact our offices and tell us how you want to help.