We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, when you’re marketing your property or community you need to reach prospects and current renters or residents where they already spend their time: online (and in this case on social media). We know, sometimes social media can feel like one more of those marketing have-to-dos. It constantly needs content to share, things to say, and a quippy caption to write. Here’s the deal though, social media usage continues to rise. So, figuring out what social media strategies work for your properties and communities is an important component of your marketing and communication plan. Let’s deep dive into social media strategies, and trends to try in 2022. 

Five Social Media Strategies and Trends to Try

#1 Choose the Right Platform

There are a kajillion social platforms…okay, maybe we’re exaggerating. But, here’s the deal, you and your brand can’t be everything to everyone, so you need to choose what channels make sense for your brand, and your brand audience. For example, LinkedIn is great for B2B marketing…but probably less great at connecting with researching renters and residents. So, select channels that make sense for your strategy, your team’s time, and your audience. 

#2 Activate Your Audience

Social media is intended to be…well…social. So, make sure when you post that you aren’t treating it as a megaphone-yelling-into-a-void-content-distribution-channel, and instead you’re making it engaging. The end goal? Get your audience involved…user-generated content (UGC) is an authentic way to get the voice of the customer into your social media. What do we mean by UGC? Well, say one of your renters or residents took a photo at your property or community and then tagged your business in it. That’s UGC. So, run don’t walk to repost that and keep the digital conversation going with them. Give them a shout out, it’ll encourage others to follow suit, too. This is a win-win. First, your team isn’t responsible for thinking up the concepts and creating the content. Second, it shows a real experience of what your community or property is like. 

#3 @CustomerService

OK, maybe this isn’t where you thought social media would go…but it’s where it went, so let’s use it that way. Social media is the backdoor route to customer service at a lot of companies. The truth is the internet raises all voices, and some renters or residents may choose to get their complaints solved, questions answered, or changes made through social media, rather than directly calling your front office. So, with this in mind, you should have some ground rules for how your team should respond to challenging social media interactions. 

The bottom line is: Your team knows how to provide excellent customer service in-person. The only change is now they need to flex that muscle on social media. By ensuring that questions get answered, and issues are resolved quickly, renters and residents will continue to have five-star worthy experiences with your properties and communities. 

#4 Stand Out and Share Your Brand’s Voice

Social media shouldn’t be a place where you try to fit in. In our opinion, it’s a great opportunity to go all in on your brand voice and share the kinds of things that your brand cares about. Here are a few tips to make your posts stand out: 

  • Share timely and relevant content.
  • Pull an interesting stat or quote to pique interest and prove value.
  • Add videos and photos to give a helpful boost to engagement.
  • Don’t shy away from emojis. They can be a playful way to show off your personality.

#5 Consistency Is Key

While social media is it’s own thing, it can take a few pointers out of content marketing’s playbook. The goal with your accounts is to develop relationships and eventually build trust with both future and current renters and residents. Part of building trust is consistency. So, find what kind of posting schedule or strategy works well for your team, and then consistently follow through on that plan. 

You’ve Got This

Run with these five rules, or ask an expert. If you need help learning the right way to leverage your social media accounts, our team is here to help.