As the data revolution continues to take shape, it’s no longer acceptable to spend on anything and everything just to see what works. We now have access to an enormous amount of real-time data, as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence-backed programming to analyze it.

It’s time to start incorporating this data to make the right marketing decisions from the start. Focusing your spend on proven, impactful tactics allows you to measure and report on your efforts, with a level of accuracy and specificity that is changing the game.

Focus on Proven Tactics & Channels

Marketers have long been expected to wear multiple hats: copywriter, ad whiz, event planner, accountant, social chair, designer, organizer. Now, another title must be added to the list: data scientist. As the digital age expands, it is important to use this explosion of data to understand how consumers are interacting with your brand at every touch point.

Analyzing data, however, is not a new idea. In 2003, NMHC released a white paper promoting the power of automated revenue management to forecast supply and demand and price products to maximize yield. The multifamily industry took note, and revenue management systems revolutionized the way owners and operators do business. Today, programmatic advertising can have the same effect.

Where to Start? With the Right Data & Lead Insights

Smart advertising that utilizes Real-Time Pricing and Availability promotes the right campaign at the right time so you only advertise for the floor plans that are available now – or that will be soon. When paired with Lead Insights, you can analyze which campaigns deliver the most qualified leads, empowering you to make smarter decisions with your marketing spend. Lead Insights eliminates the guesswork of digital advertising and even predicts how new leads will respond to future campaigns.

Call attribution, a part of G5’s Lead Insights tool, is a critical but often overlooked aspect of a search engine marketing strategy. Mobile search drives billions of calls to businesses each year – and calls convert at a higher rate than digital leads – but most marketers don’t focus on where and how a call originates. When properly optimized, calls can have a transformational impact on your bottom line.

Improve Efficiency with Pricing & Availability

This new G5-powered digital advertising product pulls in real-time unit pricing and floor-plan availability from your property management system to populate your digital advertising campaigns. It helps leads self-qualify based on the price point and bedroom count they’re interested in. Real-Time Pricing and Availability spins up campaigns by forecasting what inventory will become available within a certain time frame (i.e. next three months). It then optimizes your marketing budget by turning ads on and off based on your actual supply.

Let Us Do the Legwork

The right real estate marketing partner will help you combine strategic digital advertising, lead insights and real-time adjustments. G5’s Intelligent Marketing Cloud utilizes machine learning and a robust data hub to compare marketing channels to make the most of your budget and constantly optimize campaigns for the best ROI. Take the uncertainty out of your marketing spend, and know how, where, and what works.

We take the guesswork out of digital advertising by harnessing the right data for your channels, which allows you to confidently double down or go all in on proven tactics.

Let us show you how smarter marketing leads to increased NOI.