For both multifamily and self storage renters, picking up the phone is still the preferred way to connect with a property. In fact, G5 data shows that up to 90% of leads come to properties via phone call. However, not every person who calls a property wants to sign a lease. They might be current renters who want to stop by the office to pay their rent or a vendor who wants to talk to the property manager. By knowing which callers want to rent and how they found a property, marketers can dial in their efforts to generate higher-quality leads. 

With our newest technology, Call Scoring and Ad Optimization, G5 stretches your advertising budget to lower customer acquisition costs and drive higher-quality leads to the top of your sales funnel. 

G5 Call Scoring Reveals the “Intent To Rent”

G5 Call Scoring technology leverages machine learning to analyze the intent of every phone call that originates from a marketing source. It uses models tuned to the multifamily or self storage industry to determine whether each caller had purchasing intent and, if so, designates that call as qualified. We call this the “intent to rent.”

Redirect Advertising Spend 

Many call scoring products on the market simply identify which calls are qualified. G5 takes this insight to a new level by automating campaign decisions based on callers’ intent. Call Scoring technology powers G5 Ad Optimization, a predictive marketing innovation that automatically redirects ad spend to the networks and ad types that truly have the greatest impact. Armed with powerful intent data, Ad Optimization expands G5’s ability to drive higher-quality conversions from ads. This technology continually optimizes advertising budgets by reallocating daily spend to the channels that deliver the most qualified leads. We don’t just aim for more clicks, we aim for callers who have the highest “intent to rent.” So far, G5 has seen a 300% increase in qualified calls to multifamily properties and a 50% increase in qualified calls to self storage properties using Call Scoring and Ad Optimization. 

Increase Quality at the Top of Your Sales Funnel

Instead of just delivering more phone calls, with G5 Ad Optimization and Call Scoring technology, we ensure that ad channels deliver higher-quality leads to your sales team. Being able to drive more qualified callers to your property means time saved and better results. Over time, by knowing which marketing sources are working best, marketers can further hone their tactics to generate higher-quality leads. This is especially important during the busy leasing season and as properties face on-site staffing shortages. Now, marketers can not only track which sources drive the most interest but those that deliver callers with the highest “intent to rent.” 

Know What’s Working

Call Scoring technology offers a new dimension to performance analytics, creating an entirely new way for marketers to measure the effectiveness of their sources. Typically, marketers turn to ad clicks, website sessions, and inbound calls to measure performance. But, those metrics lack the dimension needed to answer the golden question: Which marketing sources are working the best to drive the most qualified leads? 

With Call Scoring technology, G5 pinpoints which marketing sources deliver the most qualified leads. By measuring the quality — not just quantity — of phone calls, marketers can make better decisions about where to adjust their strategy by gaining deeper insights into channel performance. Plus, measuring performance through this lens can help verify that other paid channels, like ILSs, are delivering the results they promise.

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